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Storage & Workshops

At London North Studios, we understand the importance of seamless production support. That's why we offer comprehensive props workshops and storage solutions to ensure every aspect of your creative vision is fully supported. With a combined almost 18,000 sqft of storage we'll be sure to find your perfect space.

Dimensions: 4000 sqft of storage/studio space. 

Features: Roller shutter access, multiple 13A, 16A and 3-phase sockets available. 

Dimensions: 1200 sqft of storage / filming space

Features: Roller shutter access, some racking, attached parking bays.

Dimensions: 1545 sqft of storage space.

Features: Roller shutter access, attached parking bays.


Numerous prop stores ranging from 4000 - 950 sqft of storage space.


Shutter access and attached offices available 

Dimensions: Subject to availability, units ranging from 60-800 sqft.

Features:  Enquire for specific needs.

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