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Event Spaces

London North Studios offers a diverse range of event spaces designed to turn your gatherings into unforgettable experiences. Whether it's the unique and edgy atmosphere of our underground car park, the grandeur of our dining hall, the versatility of our auditorium, or the creative ambiance of Studio 7. Offering a blank canvas to create the perfect setting for any occasion.  

Dimensions: 4000 sqft of dedicated event space with 3.27m ceiling height

Features: Stage, pull out screen available upon request, lobby level access, fully carpeted, ventilated. 

Capacity: 150 persons

Dimensions: 1200 sqft of studio space

Features: Roller shutter access, industrial look, solid concrete floors.

Capacity: 180 persons

Dimensions: 1545 sqft of storage space.

Features: Versatile space, carpeted

Capacity: 200 persons

Dimensions: 5242 sqft event space with 3.27m ceiling height.

Features: Roller shutter access, industrial look, solid concrete floors, can be combined with Studio 7 for a combined area of 9242 sqft.

Capacity: 200 persons

All events at LNS must be managed and attended by a professional event planner and provide PLI

(up to £10m), PII, Risk Assessment and PAT tested electrics. Event organisers and mandatory security staff must be approved by the venue. We can recommend our preferred suppliers if required.

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